Motel X Perc X Ansome (Live)

Perc | Ansome (Live) | Pastram


UK born and now Berlin-based, Ansome is a lover of modular synthesiser and a fan of raw, industrial and properly British live sets. His music could almost be a field recording captured in a metalworking factory operating on a loop 24/7, with throbbing sub-basslines and clanging percussions. Among his clear influences, the kid often mentions Perc… which is a nice coincidence since his fellow countryman will also feature on the programme! The techno bigwig is one of the most respected producers of our times. The boss of his own label Perc Trax Imprint, he regularly stops over at CLT, Kompakt, Drumcode and Stroboscopic Artefacts and is responsible for some memorably sweaty nights at Berghain, Cocoliche in Buenos Aires and Unit in Tokyo. A globe-trotter of shared jubilation!


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