Motel X Helena Hauff X Tommy Four Seven

Helena Hauff | Tommy Four Seven | Nvst


If Helena Hauff had been a baker, she would’ve made croissants that looked like Gothic crosses. But Hauff decided she preferred kneading sounds rather than dough. All the better for us. A fan of Nirvana and The Stooges in her youth, the DJ and producer from Hamburg has kept her anti-establishment spirit, adding some electronic rage in the process. Her sets which combine acid house with industrial music sound like an anarchists’ squat that might redefine space, since techno is space in motion, and movement is the beginning of a revolution of sorts. You’ve been warned, Hauff is dope. Tommy Four Seven will also feature on the bill. His sets are exhilarating because they’re so close to torture. Screaming synthesisers, imploring voices, bleeding breaks, his techno set will have your sneakers sweating with orgasmic fear. Love hurts! And if climaxing is suffering, then this night is for you, the more so since it’s Nvst who’ll be kicking things off!


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