Motel X Berlin

Function | Norman Nodge | Hendrik van Boetzelaer


Just seeing his name on the programme is cause for massive joy: A true hero, Function has been ruling the underground from behind his decks for almost 30 years. The versatile DJ is capable of integrating into his musical DNA influences ranging from Afrika Bambataa to Kraftwerk, Human League and Depeche Mode, no less. A protean artist, he has been known to take part in a host of fascinating projects such as Sandwell District Collective and LSD. At his side for this Berlin-inspired night, Norman Nodge, resident Berghain DJ since 2015, was born in East Germany before catching the techno virus after the fall of the wall. In the late 90s, Nodge withdrew from night life to focus on his family and his future as a lawyer. Having returned to the decks 15 years ago, his track “Native Rhythm Electric” for Ostgut Ton left a lasting impression on techno enthusiasts. The icing on the cake of this beautiful line-up will be provided by our Geneva-based Swiss star, half-Egyptian, half-Dutch DJ Hendrik van Boetzelaer. The crème de la crème!


Mirlaqi (Live)

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