Motel X Amsterdam

Legowelt (Live) | Thomas Martojo (Dekmantel Soundsystem) | Dj Laxxiste A | Haus of Genevegas


It’s quite simple, he’s one of a kind: Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt, spends his time inventing lives for himself – other musical lives, identities and projects. In the spring of 2019, Wolf returned under the moniker GLADIO, which had been buried for eleven years, to take the crowds into the centre of the arena for a bout of “Greco-Roman house music”. In other words? A deliciously synth-poppy techno sound that will bring a smile to your face. A proponent of Detroit and Chicago rather than Ancient Rome, Thomas Matjolo, cofounder of Demanktel, never ceases to spice up his house music with disco, wave and industrial flavours and is undoubtedly turning out to be one of the most promising DJs in the Netherlands. The opening act will feature our favourite local: DJ Laxxiste A.


Nemo & Castro
Haus of Genevegas