For the closing night at Grand Central, you’ll be lucky enough to have two veteran DJs used to setting the dancefloor on fire at memorable parties. First of all, Job Jobse who built his reputation in the legendary Dutch club Le Trouw before it closed in 2015 and who has since been resident at De School, Amsterdam’s new temple of techno. He is one of the great revelations of these last two years. Next to him, Marina Rubinstein, aka Dr Rubinstein will wake up the sun before it’s time to, not only because music is a sort of cosmic celebration for her but mainly because her Acid House DJ sets can do things to your brain that no other drug could achieve.


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Dr Rubinstein: Resident AdvisorSoundcloud


Petite salle: Disco

Nemo (Sound metaphors - Berlin)

Castro (Sound Metaphors - Berlin)