Blind test Antigel

Animated by the Antigel team!

Have you never dreamt of destroying your street cred by shouting “New Kids on the Block” or “I Want It That Way” in the middle of a crowd of laughing faces because you’ve recognised the synth intro to the summer hit of your teenage years in 1.3 tenths of a second? Time has come to let out your guilty pleasures at Antigel’s after-work Blind Tests at the PANORAMA LOUNGE of the Grand Central. These blind tests obviously take place after work (don’t forget to wear your tie on your head) in teams of four contestants. Review your classics, exercise your speed and dust your mental jukebox, the one that holds all the tracks that one usually mangles exclusively in the shower. And since competition whets the appetite, the SRI LANKA DIORAMA restaurant (located at the same floor) will delight your stomach with its Sri Lankan flavour.


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