Meetings & Discussions: New territories of culture

A day to discover, discuss and exchange ideas on cultural and urban planning practices

For its 10th anniversary, Antigel has teamed up with design office urbaplan to foster reflection on the evolution of living conditions and social cohesion.

In our changing cities and societies, public consultation, participation and cultural outreach are all vectors of social cohesion, enabling everyone to become actors in the transition.
This first meeting addresses the role of culture in its capacity to support, anticipate and trigger the development of areas together with the people who live there. Gathered together for a day, participants will have the opportunity to interact with a panel of Swiss as well as international personalities specialised in cultural outreach, governance, project funding and cultural policies, event-related urban planning and land development.


Punctuated by surprises, the day will alternate presentations, testimonies and debates around the following themes:

Culture and society: Cultural participation generates knowledge, social cohesion and integration, it also strengthens identities, feelings of belonging and anchoring to the territory. How can we reinvent culture in all its forms so that it is accessible everywhere, to everyone?

Promotion, governance and financing: Culture has always had its patrons. Real estate and construction players are the newcomers behind the scenes of decentralized culture. New public funds (intermunicipal) are emerging. New territories to investigate, innovative opportunities, and/or risk of instrumentalization?

Territories in transition: Culture reveals, inscribes new territories in mental maps and thus redraws the contours of our known worlds. What power does it have in the active transformation of complex natural and built tissues? Can the times of the event and the times of planning meet to feed each other?

A panel of leading national and international speakers representing a diversity of practices and sensibilities will be assembled for debate and exchange. Artists, geographers, sociologists, philosophers, architects, real estate developers, etc.: so many profiles that will be brought to bear on these transdisciplinary themes.