For the first time, SHAP SHAP invites Afrodyssée, a major event that features the best African designers of fashion and crafts. Every year in the spring in Geneva, Afrodyssée showcases an international selection from the designers behind current African trends. The event has become one of the three most important in Europe, with growing success, since African creation has become a key reference point for the new aesthetics of our times. Through its events, communications and collaborations, Afrodyssée aims to change the outlook and prejudices that we may have about contemporary Africa. By promoting and showcasing high-quality designers and craftspeople, Afrodyssée hopes to foster direct trade by enhancing the attractiveness of African creation. It also hopes to transform the methods of North/South trade and support, by giving up traditional charity processes in favour of direct exchange between the public and African creators. Afrodyssée is also a unique opportunity for Geneva to help cultures and communities come together.



19:00 Table ronde
20:30 Marché africain + DJ set Kooc
22:00 PONGO (live)
23:00 DJ set Radio Secousse