Joburg, What's Up ?

DESIRE | Klein | Dj Griffit Vigo | Dj Candii | Dokta Spizee

The focus is on South Africa for this 5th Africa, What’s Up? in association with CUSS for the 4th consecutive year. This event provides an opportunity to bring to Europe emerging artists who rarely, if ever, have the chance to perform outside their country for economic or political reasons, and to develop with them long-term artistic collaborations. Hence, it is with the very heart of the up-and-coming South African scene that SHAP SHAP invites you to beat in unison. First up, Desire, who initially performed with Fela Gucci from the cultural movement FAKA, which combines various media to transcribe the experience of black queers living in the cis-hetero-topia of post-colonial Africa. Next, DJ Candii, sassy queen of Johannesburg’s nights and of Gqom, followed by Durban native, half of Dirty Paraffin and intergalactic instrument manufacturer Dokta Spizee and Nigerian-born London-based singer and producer Klein, who loves nothing more than pop collages that mix R&B with experimental electro. Finally, the young DJ Griffit Vigo, another Gqom graduate and sound arsonist. So, Geneva, what’s up?



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