Édito - Africa, What's up?


Since 2015, SHAP SHAP has been offering a hybrid form of international solidarity to fight against inequality and discrimination in the global context, thanks to cultural projects in the fields of performing arts, music and visual art, in association with socially-aware artists, academics, and cultural and public institutions in Switzerland and sub-Saharan countries.

For the 5th iteration of AFRICA, WHAT’S UP?, SHAP SHAP has brought together Tidiani N’Diaye, dancer, choreographer and founder of the BAM festival in Bamako, Mali, and CUSS, a collective of visual artists from Johannesburg, South Africa. It is with them that SHAP SHAP develops his project and action to help enhance the artistic, social, political and economic status of artists from the Global South, freelance artists and artists from minorities here and throughout the world, who need support to work and emerge on the local and international scene.

SHAP SHAP is driven by the affirmation of a “plurality of worlds” as defined by Columbian anthropologist A. Escobar. She pushes us to collectively challenge the “contemporary capitalist project of a single world” and to defend everyone’s right to equal opportunities and the diversity of bodies, backgrounds and aesthetics on the stages of TU-Théâtre de l’Usine and Grand Central this year, and in society in general.