BAM, What's Up ?


Antigel will celebrate a double anniversary in 2020, since this year marks its 10th anniversary as well as the 5th iteration of Africa, What’s up? And long-lasting stories are exactly what SHAP SHAP seeks to tell. This particular story began in Bamako, with the BAM Festival Bamako and choreographer Tidiani N’Diaye. Trained in Mali and then in France (under the direction of Mathilde Monnier), N’Diaye has collaborated regularly with Cie Gilles Jobin. For this carte blanche, in addition to his own dance piece Chameleon, the choreographer has created a solo that outlines his life story and takes the audience on a journey through the streets of Mopti, Bamako and Geneva. N’Diaye has also invited two up-and-coming artists from Central Africa. At TU-Théâtre de l’Usine, Cameroonian Agathe Diokam will present Energy, a dance piece that transcends life’s complexities thanks to flashes of hip-hop, contemporary and traditional African dance. In XXL, Gabonese Kaïsha Essiane will address the issue of her “non-compliant body” (in her own words), as well as the gaze of others on the body of an out-of-the-ordinary dancer.

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