10 years of prospecting in search of new unusual venues throughout Geneva’s municipalities, 10 years of artistic and human adventures, 10 years of enhancing Geneva and its region, 10 years of music, dance, performances, sports, collaborations, crazy projects and iconic parties!
10 years of cultural activism too, of commitment and shared passion with our loyal, ever-growing festivalgoers.

10 years of commitment to developing an intercommunal culture that has rallied loyal audiences and stakeholders and to whom we would like to pay tribute. We dedicate an imaginary land to them: a borderless municipality, the 46th Canton, named Antigel!

This utopian community gathers artists, researchers, children, young adults, amateurs and enthusiasts who together, form a unique collective power that emancipates itself from the winter gloom by demonstrating the importance of innovating and inventing, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone, with the main objective of together, moving the world forward!